Monday, 16 August 2010

Radio Egal Session 6

Hoorah ! The Egal has landed... once again.

It feels like an age and more since the Session 5. Since then though, we have spent our time mostly, having our hearts broken, spending too much time in clubs where it seems the only way to combat the dire music is sing a little song in your head.. and plenty more of course.

This show, perhaps because is long awaited-ness, has been one of our favorites to date.

With some brand new music, some exclusives and one epic rare groove bomb in the shape of Jellybean... watch out for the dancehall, the boogie and the bass.

Radio Egal Session 6 for life.

Radio Egal 6 by Radio Egal


Bozzwell - In My Cucoon
Greg Paulos - Paartofme
St Michael's Affair - Cherez La Ghost
Mulata Astatke - Yegalle Tezeta
Edikanfo - Nka Bomb
Hype Williams - The Throning / Taboo
Ghost Hunter - Evening Drive
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Heaven can wait (Nosaj Thing Remix)
Kicking Back With Taxman - Devotion
Anthony Red Rose - Under My Fat Ting
Ray Williams - Cosmopolitan London
Fatima - Wild Child
Duffstep - My kiss
Eliphano - L.F
Jellybean - Little too good to me
Cooly G - Up in my head
Paul Lorraine - Ditto
Two Greenhorses - There is an End
Gordon Lightfoot - If you could read my mind